Eden Nature Park and Resort

Life is undeniably demanding – starting from survival requirements, deadlines, frustrations, and even hassles. Life itself is strenuous. On the other hand, it is fun. It’s just a matter of carefully choosing the ways to cope with the daily activities we have – for example, cool ways on how to overcome stress.

One method I have learned through the passing days is doing the extremes. What I am talking about are the different forms of fear you have been babysitting up until now in your gentle, caressing arms and you, deciding for the time to throw them up in the air and never catch them back, or if you feel like it, you can pick them up later. But just toss them away, will you?

I had always found comfort in my previous state. That’s past tense. Right. Because, ever since I entered the BPO industry, I have experienced almost all of my first’s. I think it’s common knowledge that call center employees are under much pressure and stress among any other employees (you can correct me if I’m wrong, though). They also say that it’s a career suicide with a lot of depressing symptoms. And by joining the union of graveyard workers, I have almost unimaginably, acquired varying means to manage the tension and strains at work. I have started to do the extremes to bring down all kinds of wall that build up the pressure. I have stepped out of my consoling stage with wings like a confident eagle. Ehem.

So, if you want a lasting stress-reliever, I advise you not to take too much stress pills or energy drinks. I suggest you go somewhere close to nature, a place where you can just stand at some cliffs and stare at some view from some point, where you can go finishing some playground obstacles, where you can run with everything you’ve got for as long as you want, perhaps a place where you can walk peacefully side by side with mother earth without anyone disturbing you, where you can ride a horse for few tranquil minutes, where you can eat as much as you want,  but most importantly, a place where you can shout your lungs out without bothering anybody (since everybody else is either shouting on their own or just not minding you at all). You know what I’m talking about? I am talking about Eden Nature Park and Resort. Going local isn’t that bad.

Go there and perform every extreme recreation that may help you forget the words stress and pressure. As I have mentioned earlier, to eliminate these little enemies, you may do the extremes, and execute these means conquering the fear that you have been best friends with ever since the beginning of time.

Now, let us start with the most common, I suppose, the fear of falling. Nope. Don’t get too emotional. It’s not falling in love. It’s falling 95 feet above the ground! You go tie yourself on their crazy Giant Sky Swing and yell your loudest as they sway you from above and below.

You can go by tandem (for P400/pair),

or, you can go solo (for P300/each). Hashtag confident!


Well, the Giant Sky Swing tops my extreme list. Because I can shout as loud as  I want like throwing a tantrum when somebody steals your toy or your mother leaves you in the grocery section of the mall or your playmates don’t want to play with you anymore or your boyfriend breaks up with you for another girl or you don’t have a lover at all or perhaps, you lose your smartphone on the way to Eden. Yeah, because I lost mine there! 😥

The feeling you get when the cable that’s been holding you off lets go of you (without notice) so you get to experience your very first 95-feet fall above the ground is very exhilarating, although very scary at the same time! You get to scream your heart out when the swing tosses you multiple times up in the air! And you get to howl “Rock ‘N Roll To The World! or Alright! or Hooo! or whatever comes to mind first. Feel free to think that it’s the end of your life. Haha. But of course, the cables and the harness have secured you so you don’t have to worry about the lifespan being shortened. I’m just scaring you a little and testing your will a bit.

However, if you want to do something extreme yet don’t want to hurt your precious little voice box and want to move parts of your body (not tightly sitting just like what we did in the Giant Sky Swing), you can go biking. Pretty boring, you might say. And now you think it’s probably off to go pedaling a bike right after you had a blast on the Giant Sky Swing, right? Just how side track could that be? It ain’t any stress reliever! Not at all! And you’re questioning me why is it included in my extreme list, yeah? And what fear do I think could be conquered by biking, huh? Yep. I thought you’d ask all that. But wouldn’t you call it extreme when you have to cycle 60 feet above the ground and 200 meters across a cable and not a platform? Well, that’s Sky Cycle for you. So, let’s go conquer some fear of heights up there!

For beginners, it’s quite horrific! As for me, I tried my hardest not to wiggle a single inch thinking that I’d fall if I move a little rashly – which is contrary to what the guide said that it’s fine for me to move as long as I pedal to keep the bike going. I was literally holding my breath up there! With my deathly grips on the bike’s handlebars and my softly shaking pedaling skills, I managed somehow to cross towards the receiving tower. Little did I know that we had to go back to the starting point! I was frantically crying without tears. (And it makes me so embarrassed to think of that moment now. oTL)

By just looking at it, 200 meters was not even long for a ride. But since we had to traverse up in the sky, the excursion appeared to be a forever journey. If you can manage to shout, you shout. But if you can’t, just stay silent for eternity. Haha. Staying quiet saved my quivering soul back there. It didn’t allow me for a second to rip my throat apart. Also, to ease my fear, I was singing and sometimes, humming No Chains On Me by Chris Tomlin! But I won’t tell you that you actually have harness strapped around you, and the bike, since suspended, is actually attached to another cable and is stylishly designed to roll over the cable without having to fret with the balance. Woops!

Although I am not too sure if the Sky Cycle would alleviate your stress or would just instead add up to it, I still highly recommend this one! See it for yourself. Just go try Sky Cycle! Definitely adrenaline pumping, just like the Giant Sky Swing!

The third fear you can conquer when you go to Eden is, perhaps the least common fear but still considered a form of fear, the fear of being too attached. Did I just repeat ‘fear’ four times in one sentence? Well, yes. But never mind, I didn’t really mean anything about that. *insert peace sign here*

Anyways, going back to Atlanta, the fear of being too attached. Yes. Have you ever had the what they call separation anxiety? Experts say that this is the consequence when an individual is too emotionally linked to something (or someone), which exponentially results to being afraid of being too attached. This fear is developed as a form of defense mechanism because he avoids becoming dependent and extremely in need of that thing. To avoid this, he tends to just let go (easily).

But I say, when you get to try Eden’s Indiana Jones, you really need to overcome that fear and just hold on as tight as you can to the only thing that you can grab onto. Just be glued like a gum to the only reason that keeps you, uhm, whole? Haha. Well, that’s just an exaggeration and this maybe is the least extreme of the three rides I have spoken of but mind you, it’s an effective stress-reliever! Aside from you screaming when the cord hits the rubber stopper/break, you also get to close your eyes and not think of anything but only of how powerful can your clutch on the rope be, as well as experience child-like joy when you are being swayed across the 50-feet gliding cables! P.S. Child-like because Indiana Jones is mainly for kids – to let them have a taste of a zip line in a miniature version. Well, at least you get to be a kid once more.

I would have included Sky Riders in my list, however, we didn’t try it since we already had a blast during our Seven Falls Zipline escapade at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. And it was said that the thrill’s quite the same. So we skipped it. But if you want to try, I am not stopping you.

But hep! We’re not done yet! I have blabbed earlier in this article, that you just have to choose the right and cool ways to cope with the daily dose of stress. I have suggested the extremes, but if you’re not up for this kind of recreation, you can opt to do the energy-saving, solemn-type and relaxing venture. I’m not telling you to go somewhere else, though. Eden Nature Park and Resort still has what you are looking for. It still has lots to offer.

Let’s start with the one hour, more or less, tour around the park. Although you don’t get the chance to explore the totality of Eden Nature Park and Resort within the time frame, at least you’ll have an overview of the whole place. You’ll have a witty tour guide with you as you ride the free shuttle rounding the vicinity. You’ll learn about the place’s history, as well as the origin of some of the plants found and planted there. Of course, you don’t dare miss out capturing the magnificent and radiating beauty of nature. So every now and then, the shuttle will stop and give you at least 5-10 minutes to take pictures of every moment.


Few of the many stops:

With pine trees that are inspiring us to strike Forks, Washington-vampire poses. (Close enough, close enough.)


And the tour is done! Too many moments for an hour, right? I know that so well. But please never do think that the day is over. Not yet. You can also try their four-kilometer Mountain Trail through Eden’s forest, that is if you fancy hiking through the woods. Although we weren’t able to try it since we arrived late at the park and only had one day to at least enjoy the influence of the grandeur place. But walking alongside with the trees and the different vegetation found in the forest is rest assured relaxing. It may take up your energy, but you can always take your time. Meditate under the shades of the big old trunks or perhaps just embrace the cool breeze offered by the swaying leaves. You’ll never find the trek bothersome.

However, if you don’t like walking that much, you can befriend one of their horses and ride on its back while a groom² holds you steady. The horseback riding is good for P80 that allows you to take a trip for 12-15 minutes, circling the horse track for at least two rounds.

Now, if you have relaxed and contemplated enough while galloping with the horse, you can get down already and inhale some more fresh air while overlooking some sights. Just stand at some cliffs and think of nothing. Just appreciate your life that has been extended for so many times even after undergoing a whole lot of troubles.


Stressed as they might be, some people don’t just want to spend energy on doing the extremes or dwelling on meditative methods. Some, or should I say most, (unknowingly) prefer stress-eating. It sounds familiar I know. Yes, because it is the most common resort an individual can come up with once stress and pressure sink in! So, would you have gone to some buffet places instead of wasting more or less one-hour traveling to Eden because all you want to do is eat? Let me correct you. I have told you that this place still has lots to offer. It doesn’t end with the recreational activities. Their popular Vista Restaurant is always ready to welcome you to a gastronomic food trip! You can eat as much as you can for only P550 for their lunch buffet! With numerous food varieties starting from the main dish to desserts to drinks – muster as much as you can until all your stress are gone!



After your sumptuous meal, you can rest for  a while and prepare for a dive in their pool! You should never miss out taking a refreshing dip in their swimming pool surrounded by lush vegetation. Aside from the water’s frosty temperature, you get to cool your head down and have a clearer view of what’s going on in your brain and if favor allies with you, you can sort things out properly.

Having recommended that, we actually weren’t able to experience the chilly thrill of their pool. 😥 We finished the other activities by the moment pool time was over. They only allow swimming til 4 o’clock PM. Nonetheless, we found ways! This was the only time we had to get out of Eden and look downtown for open resorts. And so we landed at the newly opened RLG Inland Resort in Toril proper. We plunged in immediately upon arrival since we were all exhausted from the long ride we had. As favor would have it, there were only two groups of guests that day. So we’re able to maximize the pool!



Are you relieved yet? Well, at least one of the things I have suggested should be of help – because those have personally helped me. That’s just Eden Nature Park and Resort for you! 😉

Credits to Mac and Lee Jun for the photos.

“To God be All the Glory, Honor, and Praise!”


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  1. Indeed rose! It’s the feeling that when you over come that fear, all the stress in your body goes away flying with it! I’VE DONE IT! Is what your heart speaks. Overwhelming isn’t it and FULFILLING..
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