Cannibad and the Hidden Paradise

The good thing about performing well and working under an awesome company is that they get you to places. Different places. Why? Because if you perform excellently enough, you get to be compensated for the good work while your humble bosses pat you on the back and tell you to keep it up for there’s more to come. Uh-huh! That’s how things work here, or at least, that’s how I see things work in here. 😉

Now why did I say that you’ll be in lots of places? Because ladies and gentlemen, the monthly incentives that you get as an individual performer plus the incentives your team gets will be more than enough to cover all-expense of your exploration ’round the archipelago (exaggerated but can true).

If you have noticed, I have recently been posting our team building adventures. And once again, for the month of September, we had our Best in Showrate and Team Building budget which took us to the Hidden Paradise Resort of Cannibad, Island Garden City Of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte.

How to get there?

First, gather up your squad. Meet up at Sasa Wharf. Or you can check this out for port options. Then sail off for 10-15 minutes across the deep blue sea through a barge.

Then at the Babak wharf, you’ll see there lots of motorcycles (and the respective drivers, of course) that are more than willing to transport you to your destination. The P125-worth ride was quite the challenge. You’ll know why when you get there. But trust me, it’s all worth it! Just remember that at the end of the trip, you’ll get to see the beauty of the white sand, the pebbles of different sizes and of course, the sea with playful waves.

I’d like to suggest that you stay there overnight (we did), because a one day-tour won’t be enough to get the feel of the place’s awesomeness!

You might wonder what’s in there.

First off, the kingdom by the sea. Well, (at least for me) it’s a kingdom of majestic beauty – the stillness, the sea breeze and the blinding charm of the sun. It’s just perfect.


Another thing I’ve come to love about the place is that very few come here since it’s quite distant from Samal Proper. Thus, it’s not crowded as the other resorts in the island. You can have the place to yourselves all day and night long!

For overnight stay, you can bring your tents over and put them up for P50-P100 (space rental) each just like what we did. Although we had to move ours several times during the night since the waves were catching up on us.


Or, you can bring out your hammock – set it up anywhere possible and convenient, for free.


But if you don’t feel comfortable resting inside your tent or sleeping in your hammock, the resort has rooms for rent. Hidden Paradise (the one where we checked in to) has two to offer that costs P1000-P1500 with no minimum number of participants required. However, each room can only accommodate 6-8 persons. Heads-up: Has light and outlets, no fans although you can bring one (but duh, it’s the sea! Who needs a fan?), bring your own bedding and …  the room’s all wooden. Ha! Also, if you’d like to avail of the electrical outlet, just prepare P150 and you can have it for yourself until you checkout.

Now let me guess. You’re asking as to how are you gonna prepare and preserve your food (for day-tour and overnight), correct? Well, don’t worry ’bout that. The resort’s owner will allow you to use their fridge to keep your meat/fish in, as well as your veggies if you have any. There’s also the open kitchen – which is very helpful! It caused us less hassle in preparing foods for our three-meal stay.

Although it was time-consuming, we managed to make some real dish. Like real real. Examples are Pancit Guisado and Pork Adobo.


Also, always give back what’s due to the sea. Haha! Kidding. What I mean is, never forget the fish dishes, grilled for example. The grilled pork should also not be missed!


And voila! You can dig in anytime, brothah! 


Now you’re so full and you want to burn calories so bad. I know so right! What to do next? Duh, swim your way right off to the oh-so-ever-tempting-and-inviting sea!

Do some calendar-cover poses! Because friends, Romans and countrymen, the beach is just so perfect for a whole year’s worth of theme!




Or strike some ANTM Cycle 52 Guys and Girls Cannibad Edition tableau. I know you’re gonna rock this! Because we did, literally.


And do you think that the fat-burning moments are done? Nope. Your Cannibad adventure won’t be legit enough if you won’t be able to jump off the famous cliff!  Just an advice, just jump, or you’re buddy will push you right on the mark! Below is a side-view of the cliff. Hint: Looks can be deceiving. *evil grin* But honestly, words won’t be enough, even tears (like Jene’s) won’t be enough, to describe the feeling.


Because we’re a team, our guys had to jump together with us gals, since the first take off would need lots and lots of time and encouragement (either from yourself or from your teammate). Below is a top-view from where we stood approximately 30 feet above sea level.


You should know by now that this is a must-try-no-one-should-decline squad goal! And if you have also noticed, non-swimmers like me wore life-jackets. You can avail one for P100. If preferred, you can also have one life-ring or the salbabida for the same price. That’s unlimited hours of use already which I guess is reasonably affordable. I might as well add that this experience will change the way you count. (One, two, three, f*** or something like that.) Tristan knows it well. Haha.


Tell me if you feel some weight loss after your first jump. Ganbatte ne jumper-chan! 

The cliff-jumping sure is fun, and please don’t forge that it’s also tiring.  You gotta prepare for lots of body pain later. But you’ll never regret it, trust me.

When night comes forth, usually electricity goes off in most places in the island. Rotating-brownout. It so happened that during our stay, it took an atypical long time for the power to come back up. But no worries, we’re the scouts of the Philippines and we’re always ready!

Tada! Candle-lit sea-side sleepover!



And when everything’s dark, you know what good topics should be opened up, don’t you? Like the self-made and super exaggerated ghost stories to tease your friends until they doze off to sleep. It’s an effective way to shut their systems down, mind you.

There may be body pain in the night, but another set of joy comes in the morning. You know what I mean, right? The very adorable sunrise by the sea!



You can do a series of jump shots to warm your bodies up and produce some sweat. That’s an instant morning exercise already, bud!

While you savor the tickling rays of the just-risen sun, you can sit down on the sand and enjoy your coffee as you do your pabebe wave. Note that this can be another of your squad goal. Haha!


Or, just show the camera your morning wacky and well, the oh-whatever poses.


Now before you have your breakfast, explore first the water via boating for P99 an hour. We asked the guide if we could row the boat by ourselves, fortunately he agreed. He just waited by the shore.

I never had thought that rowing would be such a challenge. We had to be synchronized and we had to be not. I don’t know how proper boating should go, so I can’t explain it to you well. Just try it and you’ll find out!



We stopped at some points to either enjoy the verdant view, or to adjust our paddling, or to rest because rowing sure is strenuous. Then the swimming pro taught us how to swim. We also had coral-seeing, although we couldn’t see them clearly *rolls eyes* since we didn’t have our goggles.

P.S. It’s best to go boating as early as possible so you don’t get scorched by the heat.

By the time you get back to the shore, your stomach’s already grumbling, so better get off quick and eat some carbs!

And just like that, your one day and one night stay will be one of your amazing beach experiences you will ever have!

Credits to Mac and Lee Jun for the photos.

“To God be All the Glory, Honor and Praise!”


3 thoughts on “Cannibad and the Hidden Paradise

  1. The tears are worth it?!.. LOL
    The most adrenaline draining team building ever!
    And the most extreme so far.. ahahahah
    Til’ next squad escapade!! lalala….

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