Epol Mountain and Spring Resort

As planned, from Alice Loghouse, we immediately proceeded to the talked ‘Curtains in the Woods’. True to its nickname, Epol Falls indeed give off a theater-like curtains aura¬†as the water perfectly falls in synchronized rhythm. Just how impressive nature can be?

From the house, it will take a more or less 30-minute trekking to the falls. You can ask Jennifer* (Alice  Loghouse tenant) to guide you there. She knows the place well so rest assured that the route you take (with her) will lead you to the right waterfalls.

Did I forget to mention that the 30-minute walk excludes the picture taking, the waiting and the endless chitchatting? Yes, I did forget to say that. So this is FYI. But you just can’t help it because:

(1) You will pass by garden after garden after garden. And you don’t want to miss ¬†every plant species that the locals have. Pine trees are in bloom since it’s cold up there. That’s just so Baguio-like!



(2) The stillness of the Bukidnon-Davao Road inspires you to strike some IG-worthy poses or not-so-IG-worthy poses. Haha!

(3) Pictorial¬†with the signage is¬†obligatory! That’s one proof you were there.

(4) It’s your first time to trek and commemorating your every first is a must! (I mean, it was my first time to trek and I didn’t have one photo, even. Urgh!)

So, it might take you at least an hour¬†to get to the waterfalls! But you don’t need to rush. Epol Falls will be diligently waiting for you.


Your soul will be spiraling in frozen fractals all around,
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast.

‚ôę Let it go! The cold will bother you anyway!¬†‚ô™ ‚ôę (But just don’t let it show, or your photo shoot will be ruined! Gosh, no!)

And, where there is water there’s jumping! It’s slippery though, be careful!

If you can tolerate the freezing temperature, you can stay as long as you want. But nah! Worry not, for a bowl of hot Nilagang Baka can always thaw a frozen heart. And satisfy a hungry tummy.

And now, because Elsa is leaving Arendelle for a spring bath in¬†Epol, it’s curtain call. Let’s pack up!

Credits to Mac Lester and Lee Jun for the photos.

“To God be All the Glory, Honor and Praise!”


7 thoughts on “Epol Mountain and Spring Resort

    1. From Davao Ecoland Terminal, you may ride any Bukidnon-bound bus Sir Jude. In our case, we dropped off at Alice Loghouse (please refer to this link https://alicegoesyolo.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/alice-got-a-loghouse-in-davao/) This loghouse is more or less a kilometer away from Epol Falls. This was our starting point since we checked in there. But if you don’t want to check into the place, you may still drop off there and ask some locals for directions.


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