A (10KM) Walk To Remember šŸ‘£

On the second day of our trip in Marilog District, we decided to go on a walk. Yep. Just a walk. No pressure.

But, urgh!Ā I was actually deceived. It wasn’t just a simple highway stroll, but more or less a 6-mile stride. Uh-huh. We had all been deceived. Smh. Had I known, I would have taken the bus, or would have driven Dwight’s motorbike. As if. Well, what’s done is done.

Who would have thought that despite my slightly dysfunctional cardiac valve, I’d be able to actually finish a 10KM-walk? It’s not that I’m overreacting but 10 kilometers for me should have been too much. But I guess the distance didn’t matter at all since theĀ final stop was worth all the sweat and the muscle cramps!

Plus, if I was walking alone in this chilly yet considerablyĀ blazing road, I would have not noticed anything butĀ my weakening consciousnessĀ and almost worn-out physique. 10 kilometers is not a joke. I’m telling you. But gladly, I was with my ever motivated and eager friends. I betĀ that’s how I survived despite the fact that we were walking like gangsters then – that everytime we passed by something or someone, they’d just disappear. I mean, I was really wondering why theĀ street was so quiet. There was even a time that I seriously thought that we were the only survivors of a worldwide epidemic. And that we needed to move forward and live on. But okay. That was some plot twist there.


Nevertheless, because of these happy thoughts, we were able to take a good look onĀ the beautiful scenes appearing before us. Like these ones below:




Scorching heat of the sun and constant pull of gravity (and kidding) aside, we were pleasedĀ to see these towering breeds of pine trees! They still stood high and mighty above us, hoomans.


And because of these, we could have had another opportunity to strike some Twilight-inspired poses, but since we were (almost) tired, we just had aĀ normal photo with the gigantic air-conditioners.


However, you could guess thatĀ time was not that of a big deal for these two (at least not by the momentĀ the photo below was taken) since they still managed to sit and have their sweetness captured. Instant date spot!


We were alsoĀ amazed by this abandoned house. It looked like one from the TV Series The Walking Dead, didn’t it? Upon remembering of the zombie apocalypse in the series, I personally thought of running past this house, worse, abandoning everyone and taking the bus. I am not a scaredy-cat. Nope.


And of course, since we were technically strolling the Bukidnon-Davao Boundary, the landmark shouldn’t be out of the picture. You’d be able to recognize right away the sculptures as the Philippine Eagle and the Lumads (Natives).



And the fruit that represents Davao City very well, durian!


Here’s a tip. No, it’s a warning actually. Never ever join this on-foot journey with an empty stomach or an empty pocket! Or else, you’ll end up like us who had no choice but to savor the P10-dirty ice cream forĀ breakfast. That was fortunate enough of us to meet Kuya (the vendor) on the highway. Had we not, we could have starved and died then.


And the whole point of this walk is ta-da! The La Presa of the South, Bemwa Farm! Sugoi desu ne~


Strawberry-picking isĀ allowed in the farm as long as you pay for the ones you pick. However, for some reasons we didn’t clearly hear, we weren’t allowed to do it on that day. So what we did wasĀ buy packed strawberries (P400/kilo) plus the jam (P100/jar).


Juices were also available but we did not have them. Instead, we bought tons of greenies. With DIY dressings, we were able to make the most out of our P150-worth of lettuce! Freshly-picked lettuce!


Since we were exhausted enough to even take a step for another 10 kilometers, we made a little tweak on the plan. We hired this habal-habal,Ā a motorcycle with slabs of woods onĀ each side to carry more than two passengers. It was scary as jumping off a cliff, because it was my first time. The walk forth took us almost 4 hours, and the ride back only took us for more or lessĀ 20 minutes. Wasn’t that amazing? Aaahhh! Kamehame-wave times two times two times two times two!Ā  But we enjoyed it,Ā Ā nonetheless.


By the time we were back at Alice Loghouse, we made sure to eat a whole lot of everything! We were like raging bulls while savaging the innocent dishes. Sorry about that, but we were just very, very, hungry!


We could have complained. We could have taken the detour and returned to our starting point. We could have taken the bus. We could have made better and favorable choices. ButĀ you see, if we had, we couldn’t have done one of the bestĀ walks of our life, could we? And so I say, it was indeed a walk worth remembering. šŸ™‚

Credits to Mac Lester and Lee Jun for the photos.

“To God be All the Glory, Honor and Praise


29 thoughts on “A (10KM) Walk To Remember šŸ‘£

    1. You should try visiting Bemwa, Elaine. The place is very refreshing for the eyes. The view is perfect. šŸ˜‰ Although it was a bummer that we weren’t able to pick some strawberries. I think Jive Highland is less distant from the farm than Alice Loghouse. We originally planned to stay there. Though it wasn’t pushed through. Haha.


      1. Well, there’s nothing wrong about working out. It should actually be part of everybody’s routine, however self-discipline is just far from reach. Haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I will admit, sometimes I get the feelings of not doing it and just do nothing. I still make it an effort to go even if I do little bit of working out. I thank anime for pushing me forward! XD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, that’s how anime is for you. šŸ˜€ Many people don’t appreciate how much it helps us. Even in work out. Nyahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Does it have something to do with getting used to it or it’s just pure self-discpline? But urgh. I dont think I can work out with either factors. Haha. Im just too lazy for that.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It’s mostly self-discipline. My dad kinda challenged me to do 15 push ups in the mornings. He tells me that he does 15 every morning. Once he moved up to 20, I wanted to beat him and go up a little bit higher than 20.


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