Happy Birthday Masahiro Higashide!


So, uhm, to the one who broke my heart and got away. Awwe kidding. Haha. To the one and only Masahiro-kun, otanjoubi omedetou! Yay! Since you’re married already, I can only look at you from afar. Afar like in a dream, or something like that. Haha. On your birthday, I pray that you become even more handsome and cool than now. Β And that you enjoy and cherish your married life (although it breaks me to say it) lol. I also pray that you get to have more projects than you already have – more specifically a Philippine-based project so that I can see you right in the flesh! >_< I’d definitely fly straight to where you are anywhere in the country. That’s a promise. Haha. I believe in the power of my prayers! *hopes up*



P.S. My Birthday Vow For You and You Alone

I, Rose Regine your bae, will always look after you, look for you, watch you and keep track of your every move. I will find you and I will kill you (with love). Haha! I will watch all the movies and series you are in from this day forward. In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till Internet do us part. πŸ˜₯ XD

I guess I was a little excited. So I posted the greetings minutes away from February 1st. Lol. Just a little excited.

And since February is your month, I will be watching all anime and reading all manga series related to your movies. That’s the least I can do at the moment. Horaaah!


53 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Masahiro Higashide!

      1. He is! (Well my comment included my feelings so he’s cool to me, at least. Haha) But I guess that’s not that bad. I haven’t seen all his movies either. XD He played Kou in the Ao Haru Ride Movie. That’s when I first liked him.

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      2. Yeah I noticed that, you are a big fan of him but that’s cool. You really do love him lol. I would like to see Parasyte but it’s ashame that Japan doesn’t release their movies out of the country 😦

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      3. So it’s that obvious, huh. Haha. Actually, I just watched the two Parasyte movies online since yeah, they don’t release their movies outside Japan. Perhaps I have supported piracy, eh? >_<

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      4. Well, I guess you kinda are but at least you are not trying to sell it. Now that’s worse. Still, I don’t blame you. I wish someone would do something to bring these live action movies world wide. I remember Viz did something like this with the Death Note films.

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      5. Because I had no other way to watch it. 😭 Can’t help it when Masahiro is in it. Let’s blame Masahiro! Haha. Kidding. Yea. Perhaps if it’s produced by US based people it would probably be out everywhere. Just like the Shingeki No Kyojin movies. Don’t you think so?

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      6. True. With Attack on Titan, everybody went crazy for it. People watched the anime and books and begged to see the live action film haha. Maybe if they did the same with Parasyte or some other movie, we could get it in theaters or direct to DVD. For now, I am just going to watch the anime, Parasyte.

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      7. Right. Right. But sadly they only had it with AoT. Because they knew so well that it’s gonna sell out. Unlike the others, discrimination aside, it’s true. US producers don’t often see large demands like what they had with AoT. But I guess they aren’t that selfish with their movies though. XD They do share the full hd copies online. Thats how I got to stalk Masahiro. (again)

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      8. Yes you are correct. AoT became a sensation and companies knew that the series would sell. Too other series doesn’t get the same treatment :(. At least you and the other fans are supporting Masahiro. Stalking? Oh my… I hope it is not to the extreme XD

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      9. Exactly. That’s just too bad for the other series that we would have loved to be in theaters. Extreme? I do hope that I am not at that point yet. Haha. Cross my fingers. πŸ˜€

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      10. Not unless you and other people petition for it but you will need a lot of people. Following him or reading the news is one thing but observing his footsteps and watching him sleep is going to far XD. Still, at least it’s not that. You are a fan that loves his acting πŸ™‚

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      11. Agreed. Like a whole lot of everyone. And we do know for a fact that it’s not that easy to consolidate big mass of people even online. So I personally can only depend on online resources for the time being.

        Actually, I badly want to see him sleep. Haha. I mean I want to know how he looks when he does normal stuff but as you have said, that’s going too far. Also, I don’t have the means to physically follow him every time. It’s a long distance relationship. Haha. I do love his acting. XD

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      12. Yeah but who knows, maybe it will eventually will happen unexpectedly. These companies can unpredictable haha.
        That’s cool that you want to know his daily life aside from acting. Even actors have a life outside of their job. I hope you two keep a healthy relationship :p

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      13. Maybe you can start up the fire Matt. Haha. I’d be your very first supporter! πŸ˜€ As you have said, who knows. πŸ˜›

        Thank you, thank you! *bows* *waves to crowd* He’s been clingy lately to be honest. Haha.

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      14. I know you can do that. I’m here to support. Haha. Really? Awwee. That’s music to my ears. He’ll be happy to hear that. I’ll let him know. But I bet he knows that already. Haha. oTL

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      15. I understand now haha. I haven’t finished the second arc of DRRRx2 Ten or some call it Shou but I am aware of the gangs. I would be careful with Izaya especially. He is a clever trickster. I see him as Loki of the anime haha.

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      16. I think I would need to agree that he’s Loki of the anime. Haha. But that’s what I love about Izaya and that makes me careful with him around as well. He’s been loitering lately. Haha.

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      17. Really? I guess I hadn’t stumbled on your blog yet when you had him as your profpic. But indeed, Izaya’s sneaky. And smart and strong. Haha. I notice that you watch the dubbed ones than the subbed ones. For me I prefer the subbed ones. I love how Japanese voice actors talk. πŸ˜€

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      18. I am so sorry but I think I have accidentally deleted your recent comment. Gomen! T^T Urgh! I hate these keyboard shortcuts. Really, sorry.

        However I was able to read it so yeah. I think that’s cheating that your watching the dubbed than the subbed ones. Haha. But voices aside, what matters is how we enjoy the anime, right?

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