Unleashing The Dauntless Within: Our Cebu Getaway!

How do you maximize a 1 Day and 2 Night-trip in Cebu, The Queen City of the South?

First, get a private car/vehicle. You may rent one if you don’t have your own. Commuting would cost you more time than what you have originally allotted. It’s the best way to accomplish everything in your itinerary.

Night 1 – Skywalk and Tower Zip

Getting to the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers is quite easy as it’s located at the city’s downtown proper  only – Fuente Towers, Fuente Osmeña Blvd. to be exact. From the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, it will take you more or less 28-30 minutes (excluding traffic delays) to get there. It’s approximately  13.9 km away from the airport if you take the UN Avenue-Lopez Jaena Street route. (Courtesy of Google Map) For more details about Crown Regency and its amenities, click here.

Sky Extreme Adventures offer Edge Coaster, Paramount Climbing Wall, Tower Zip, Skywalk and many others. As much as we’d like to try all of them, we could only accommodate two as we were running out of time and being it famous with tourists, we fell way behind the line. So there were instances that we had to wait in each activity. Operating schedule is Monday to Friday 2 pm to 12 am, Saturday 10 am to 2 am and Sunday 10 am to 12 am.

For starters, if you usually feel sick when you go to high places, I suggest that you don’t stuff in a heavy meal before proceeding to the hotel.

As the name suggests, Skywalk, is literally taking a walk just outside the tower’s 37th floor. Thus, proper gearing is much much necessary. I was already shaking by the time my safety suit was zipped up. I was about to back out but my lovely friends questioned my worth as part of the team. They threatened me that I’d be kicked out if I don’t do the walk. They challenged me to show them my dauntless side, as they all have it. Haha. Being bullied pressured that much, I had no choice but to go with them. I just thought that my trip had to be worth it so I gotta do it. And so my first test as a Dauntless initiate (in Cebu City, since we had many others in our other trips) had begun.

Mind you, I was literally gritting my teeth while taking these pictures as I couldn’t see anything under me but lights after lights after lights. Although the view was breathtaking at that moment and the air was fun-filled, I just couldn’t get my mind off my worry of falling and breaking my neck and shattering the tiny bones I have and worse, dying. Why hello there, paranoia. Haha. But I ought to do it, as one dauntless, I just thought “This isn’t real.” XD

The initiation wasn’t over yet. We still had the Tower Zip. The second test was to zip-line from the 38th floor of the building to the rooftop of the neighboring building which was lower by more or less two floors than the building we were in. I had observed the cables lazily hanging from building to building long enough to make me realize how much I value my precious life. Haha. I really wanted to do it. But I was overpowered by my own fear, thus leaving me as an observer as my friends  glide from one tower to the next.

If ever I have done the Tower Zip, I would have pissed my pants. Gladly (but regrettably) I didn’t and somebody else pissed their pants on my behalf. Who? That’s a secret. Haha.

Considerate as they are, I’m still hanging out with my divergent friends even up to this day. They did not kick me out. Yep. Because the next day that we had was another initiation day. P.S. Entering the faction isn’t for free. Skywalk and Tower Zip Package is at P700* per initiate. Plus P1000* for all these photos. Personal cameras were not allowed up there. Sorry bud!

Day 1 – Whale Watching and Canyoneering 

This time, it’s underwater! We were to swim with the well-known sea giants – the whale sharks. At first glance, they’re kind of cute. At second glance, they’re still kind of cute. At third glance, they’re kind of scary. >_< We had to be careful with our swimming styles for we might startle the whales and cause them to go berserk. We were instructed not to produce bubbles as much as we can since it would attract their attention and might come rushing to us and perhaps, say hello? Nonetheless, with good swimming skill, you  should have no problem dealing with them.

So the frog meets the whale. Okay. -________-


As I have already mentioned, entering the faction isn’t for free. Whale Watching would cost you P500* per initiate. Plus another P500* for the pictures again. But if you have your own underwater camera, better.

The fourth test still involved water. You know that I really love the water. So I gave it a go. Besides, it was the last test. Being it the final stage, I didn’t expect it to be easy. And so I was right. Before I got to cuddle and bubble up the precious water of  my life, I had to do some waterfall jumping. Yep. It’s called canyoneering. By definition, it means


I both like and dislike this so called sports. And why did it have to be the last test? Urgh. I wouldn’t be able to complete the initiation unless I jump off. But that’s the joy of the whole activity – jumping and sleeping in mid-air. Lol

I am so sorry that my first gif is a failure. Haha! >_<

Instead of rappelling and rafting, we did some trekking.

At the end of the course, there’s the hazing part. Kidding. Well, I haven’t experienced it either but I can imagine how it feels. Standing and sitting and lying RIGHT BELOW the gushing waterfalls can be real painful but at the same time fun. The purpose was to massage our tired bodies (from all the trekking and jumping that we did). Because, who wouldn’t be exhausted doing canyoneering for more or less 6 hours?

To wrap up the dauntless initiation, I was accepted like a pro. Ha! *flipped hair* *put black leather jacket on* *walked like a gangster*

Actually, wait! You can’t walk like some yakuza yet unless you pay the *P2000-Canyoneering fee per initiate! Don’t worry, this includes already two professional guides under Master Albert, safety vest (unfortunately not the leather jacket that you want), swimming shoes, rental go-pro (provide your own memory card or you can bring your own go-pro but the cost is still the same) and a meal.

So what happened on Night 2? 

After all what we did, we had to spend the whole night sleeping since our flight on the next day (going back to reality) was as early as sunrise. XD

And that concludes the amazing 1 Day and 2 Nights Cebu madness!

*Subject to change without prior notice.

“To God be All the Glory, Honor and Praise!”


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