How To Die For 2 Seconds – A Sabang’Kaputian Special

Call me weird or conceited or brave gutsy but cliff-jumping has become a customary activity for me (and my beloved dauntless friends). I know this is not the most normal thing to say, but I have experienced death many times already in just a tick of the clock. I would bet my month-worth of meal if you disagree with me that cliff-jumping is as good as dying.

And the most recent death I have experienced was from the time we were in Sabang, Kaputian. It was our first outdoor trip for this year however it was decided on a whim. Because Lacey, one of my unflinching cliff-jumping buddies, was so awed by the varying heights one could jump from that we had to go right after our shift. Okay, crush that out. Of course we all agreed and carefully planned for this.

The place is not a resort. It’s literally just a cliff. So we went and jump there at our own risk. No lifeguards or whatsoever. We even bought a life jacket and a pair of floaters for safety purposes. Personally, I find the place creepy as it resembles a setting from most horror/thriller movies – trees, few to no houses, a raging sea and a cliff. Although from time to time you will see some locals and you’ll also see kids doing their own version of cliff jumps! Courageous, aren’t they? I just couldn’t allow myself to be beaten by these brats so I had to show off my  *cough* skills too!

Setting your mind to jump no matter what, when or how  would really help you gather up all the little courage left in you. But of course, if you feel fear, you’ll feel fear – causing you to hesitate just like two one of my  mates who never made it down even after all her brave declarations of “I will def do it, just watch out!” 😛

But for my first jump I had to back out twice. Although I’ve done many cliff jumps before this and on even much higher cliffs, my knees were still shaking. One of my friends even palpitated – which made me palpitate too but just for a bit. I’ve learned an awesome calming technique from Shinichi of Parasyte The Maxim. Ha!

There’re three levels. Below is the lowest deck. By lowest I mean the one height that Lacey (the most excited among us) could hop from. *insert evil laugh here* Atleast only by that time. I heard she went back (without us, yes) and accomplished the pledge she made to jump on the next higher level so we wouldn’t bully her anymore. That leaves Jene – who also planned on going back (without us, too). We’re yet to hear from them. Let’s see if they’re dauntless enough. By the way, the photo below was taken on a low tide. So the foot of the cliff was quite observable.


The second deck is the one where I earned the title “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”. Okay, kidding. I made that up. The middle level is where an average jumper (like me) can leap over repeatedly. It’s best to jump when the tide is high. Iwas bato kasi.



It was just a matter of strategizing. So what I did was look away from the water. With the sea being 90% of the image in front of me, you can only imagine where I was looking. The only moment I faced the water was the second I was inches above the sea! That made things easy. It might have worked for me, but that’s a dangerous trick. Not looking means not being able to calculate properly your landing spot and not being able to properly position your body. Nonetheless, it was  very invigorating! I know you know how excited I was – shutting my mind, jumping, holding my breath, feeling and seeing nothing when in mid-air and sensing emptiness like falling into an abyss. The moment my body touched the water was the only time I knew I was alive. Still alive. That feeling when your landing splashed great amount of water to every direction was very satisfying! XD

The third and highest level was twice as high as the second deck. Being the over-thinker I am, I did not jump. I have a wild imagination, mind you. What if I trip and fall face down? What if I break my neck while I’m on air? What if I hit a rock and never get the chance to float ashore? What if I become friends with a shark while I’m underwater and he wants me to marry him? As a result, only the gents got to experience the highest jump, regrettably. This time, it took 3 seconds (according to the video recorded) compared to the 2 seconds we had in our 2nd-deck jumps. I can barely imagine being dead for 2 seconds, how much more for 3 seconds. No thanks. But perhaps I’ll give it a try next time. The 2-second-YOLO moment was enough for the time being. *puts sunglasses on* *walks away* Excuse me. Huehehe.

As a bonus,  we got to see some corals and schools of fish just right below our landing points. They’re quite camera shy, so no fish was captured.



We had so much time waiting for the others to get down so we explored the site a bit. And by others I meant Jene and Lacey who took their precious time fighting whether to jump or not. ⇀‸↼

But thanks to them we got to discover that the world is round and has lots of spikes. 😛



So that’s how you die for 2 seconds (or 3 maybe). Just make sure to come back alive, okay?

And here’s a quote from me to you:

I experienced death today. They guided me to a dark place. It was a place called PC BANG. I learned it for the first time. The feeling of helplessness, helplessness controlled my body. – Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, Noblesse

P.S. I’m still compiling (and editing) our videos, so for the time being, just hold onto the cute pictures, alright?

Jaa neh~

“To God be All the Glory, Honor and Praise!”


6 thoughts on “How To Die For 2 Seconds – A Sabang’Kaputian Special

  1. I would so do this if I knew how to swim xD Alas, my inability to stop panicking would prevent me from doing this :’D I mean, once I was plunged into a pool of maybe 4-5ft and a lifeguard had to come get me…@_@

    can’t wait to see the video!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, I am not confident in my swimming skills as well. Haha. I am more confident with my life jacket. XD I totally understand how you feel. Been there. But I’ve made the most amazing decision in my whole life – to trust the water. I think I can convince you to do this since I’ve finally convinced myself. 😛 Will be uploading them real soon.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand your point. 🙂 While it’s true that death will come anytime without giving it a helping hand, living like it’s your last day on earth is a satisfying feeling too. So we gotta go yolo’ing. 😉 But yeah, you’re welcome.


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