3-Day Quote Challenge By Kataku (1/3)


  • Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  • Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Actually, I have participated in an open 3-Day Quote Challenge by Matthew from Matt-In-The-Hat. But I have yet to finish that as I am still on my first quote. My bad. And so I’m nominated by Kataku from Ahobakataku of the same challenge – which I will gladly do both as I have quite a few of my favorite quotes from the anime and manga/manwha I have watched and read. I just didn’t have the sweetest time to compose the post. Forgive me. So here’s my first quote for you guys:

When you feel your life’s on the line, your true nature surfaces. – Shinichi Izumi, Parasyte – The Maxim

An undeniably true statement. It is our human nature to engage in battle whenever we feel threatened by certain stimuli. These triggers may not necessarily be bigger or stronger than us. They may come to us as the most ordinary thing or circumstance – the heat of the sun, drops of rain, sound of thunder, sight of lightning, speed of the wind, a pat on the back, a tickle on the foot, footsteps of your mom,  a call from your dad, water on the floor, a dead cockroach in your bed and even the sound of our own snore. They may be at their most normal forms but if something within us snaps, these norms would suddenly just become threats in our eyes causing us to act without thinking – thus showing a personality whose existence is not known to us, or perhaps known but has been suppressed for various reasons. But I am not saying that something like this is a bad thing. It can’t always be a bad thing. What I am saying is that human really is an admirable being – multifaceted being.

So much about my admiration towards humans, I thank Kataku for nominating me. XD This is also one way of expressing my thoughts in a light way. So if you guys want to check out her 3-Day Quote Challenge post as well, just click here. She talked about failing and not giving up. Pretty applicable. 😉

She asked me three nominees but I’ll be breaking the rule and nominate only one. XD So I nominate Kira from Frog in a Well.

Jaa neh!


66 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge By Kataku (1/3)

      1. Yeah. You know I’ve got this audio recording in my phone. I wonder if I can give it to you or something. It was from last Sunday Service. The speaker was from US, guest pastor. Powerful word. I’m planning on having it as a podcast on the other blog I have but I don’t know how. T^T

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      2. Yes, definitely. It looks like I can listen to some audio in here too! Great news because I can’t always use personal files when I’m at work.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yas! You just gotta love the music indeed! I am still trying really hard on memorizing the Japanese version of It’s The Right Time. lol Japanese words are more of a tongue twister to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. But by chorus I only meant the first four lines. Two English and two japanese lines. Hahaha. My supervisor is actually nagging for playing the song on repeat and on speaker. oTL

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    1. The show did the same to me. What I like the most about it is the relationship Shinichi and Migi had established with each other, considering they’re different species..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True. They both proved that we can actually live side by side with other organisms on earth without harming each other. The relationship could have disqualified Migi from being a parasite. Because parasites won’t actually help their hosts. Atleast not all the time.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Perfect! You’re getting there. Good thing I asked. I was about to say something from episode 22 or 23 I guess. I could have spoiled it! XD

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      3. Haha. Yes please do. But I guess I can only hear about them when I get back. :3 I’ll be starting the break few hours from now. T-T

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      4. Wow. I’m actually thinking of doing a Parasyte review but I’ll be on a break so I think I won’t be doing it. I’m looking forward to your post!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Well it’s going to be a while. I watch the English Dub of Parasyte from Toonami on Saturdays. It may take a while but I will add it to my list of anime to review. Also, I would love to hear what you have to say in Parasyte but I understand you need a break. You needs must come first! Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Haha. Yeah, need for rest comes first. But we’ll see. Perhaps if I gain my inspiration back after I have my break, ideas on what to post might pop out.

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    1. Thanks! And yeah, Parasyte is one anime with meaningful themes that are pretty observable in real world scenarios. And I love just as much as you do.

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