3-Day Quote Challenge (2/3)

I have yet to narrow down my backlogs. I haven’t drafted nor finalized anything thus I don’t have anything to post at the moment. Maybe because like Shiro, I’m feeling uninspired too. >//< So I’ll be doing this challenge instead. But it doesn’t mean it’s the only option left for me to work on. I really like sharing quotes a lot that’s why I’m eager to do this.


  • Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  • Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.

So for the 2nd quote, I decided to merge my entries for Matt-In-The-Hat and Ahobakataku‘s challenge in one post.

So here goes my quote for the day:

If you keep trying to reason with yourself instead of listening to your feelings, you’ll never be able to feel true happiness.  – Hiroomi Nase, Kyoukai No Kanata

Sometimes, we do this – deny. We don’t like admitting things to ourselves. Maybe because they’re too embarrassing or too hurtful to declare. I personally have done that in multiple occasions. One was when I didn’t get the title I was aiming for when I was in college. Inside  my head there were conversations of “It was unfair! They had the professors’ favor! The evaluations were biased!” and stuff. And in those times, I only became insecure, anxious and bitter. I knew my pride had been deeply hurt. But I never had the courage to admit all these at the earliest time possible. That’s why that incident remained in my mind for a considerably long time –  causing me to feel dejected and depressed. Which became too obvious to everyone around me making them feel uneasy, and making me feel more uneasy than I already was. That was a torture to myself. But overtime, I learned that unless I acknowledge defeat I’d never attain victory. That is why, I eventually stopped arguing with myself. I then decided to let it all out. I admitted to myself that it all happened because I didn’t do well enough. I did my best but their best was superior than mine. I slowly began accepting things – whether they’re in my favor or not as long as they stand true. But please note that it didn’t take effect right away. It underwent a process. Everything did (and everything does.) After all, I was the first to benefit from it.

We just gotta remember that our own happiness is a result of our own choices. So we just need to be patient, and be honest (to our dear self). Rest assured, we’ll feel light and happy. 😉

I know a lot of interpretations can be inferred about the quote above, so again, I would like to thank Matt and Kataku as I have again expressed my not-so-important personal thoughts on this. I hope this doesn’t spoil whatever the true meaning is behind the statement.


None for now. Everybody’s busy. (• ε •) But if you want to share a quote a day,  please feel free to do so. Jaa~


54 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge (2/3)

      1. Sometimes, all we need is an affirmation from ourselves not from other people. It greatly helps. I’ve done this many times already.

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      2. On the contrary, others’ opinions are also necessary (sometimes). But we just gotta know when they should enter the play and when they should exit. That way, we would not forget our own views.

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      3. It actually is Listen To Your Heart. Haha. That’s the title but few have made covers so I don’t know who the original singer is.

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      4. True. If it is well-known song, there is going to be a lot of versions. It may be good or not good but you can see how much work and effort to keep it alive.


      1. Me too. I actually want him to be the main protagonist there if Akihito and Mirai didn’t show up first. I like how he pulls off both serious and funny sides of his.


      2. I do agree with that though. That was just my fangirling side wanting Hiroomi to own the stage >//<


  1. OMG the pervert onii-san’s wisdom has been bestowed upon me. *A*
    This is a very nice reminder to us, who keep thinking about how things turned out the way we didn’t want it to be. It’s nice to be logical and all but sometimes we just gotta go and let other parts of our brains do the decision making else we will drown in self pity or other negative feelings and the human soul wasn’t built to take in so much negativity.

    Very inspirational! Kudos! and please take this .

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    1. Yes to the pervert onii-san! I mean no. *shakes head then nods then shakes head* oTL

      And yeah, exactly my point. Glad to hear it inspired you! Thank you for the HEART that the textbox never posted. Haha. I had fun reading your follow ups on the HEART part 😛


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    Thank you,

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      1. Yes to minimal themes! Haha. I always don’t want to complicate things but from to time I have this desire to let my blog look really blog-like. Sometimes, I don’t like how my site looks. Haha

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      2. Urgh I never could disagree with that. I have spent a sitting just customizing the blog. It’s a lot of work. It was like I’m making a long post, only I’m not. lol

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      3. I had that one for a very long time. I was using that as background for my everything. Haha. Thank you! Actually I like my Durarara header more. Haha 😛

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      4. I know you’d like the Durarara. Haha. But yeah I’m keeping them for now. I don’t have much images I like as header though. So I think I’d be using it most of the time.

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      5. I haven’t finished them either. But they’re on the To Watch list now. Hopefully. Oh, yeah. You have classes. How about Spring break?

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      6. Well I just had Spring Break last week, however, I could squeeze in a episode or two in my free. I will call it my anime short breaks lol.


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