Inspired By My Own Demotivation

Long time no see everyone!

Few of you may have known that I was on blogging break. Reason – I was demotivated to write. I couldn’t come up with a decent topic to talk about. And I didn’t want to write anything just so I had something to post. I didn’t want to publish stuffs just because I needed them to maintain the blog. I didn’t want blogging to be a job or an obligatory assignment.  I didn’t want to pressure my self either. So I took a break. And to my surprise, I learned what I was lacking – the real purpose of my blogging. I thought I had known it all along. After all, I had wrote quite a number of posts before this. But I was embarrassed to be proved of how little I know about my goal.

While supposedly on break, I was actually checking my Reader from time to time, updating my IG and Google+, stalking on Facebook and exchanging emails. Though I managed not to interact on Twitter (this was the hardest to do tbh). You might ask why since I pledged to have a complete break from all online activities.Reasons are: (1) I miss liking and commenting on posts of my stalkees (the least I could do was look at them from afar and never let them know I ever existed), (2) I badly want to share my beachin’ and IG was my immediate outlet, (3) I was binge reading manga after manga after manga and it would be a waste not to share my lovely screencaps (that’s where G+ came in), (4) stalking on Facebook is a habit and (5) I needed to open email for work and every single time, I got tempted to respond to few of you here whom I have exchanged emails with. So there, I hadn’t succeeded on my break but only on this fasting part!

At the very least, all those things I did and didn’t do inspired me on what to do with my blog. Yes, I was demotivated so I stayed away. But I didn’t know that it would instead help me realize what I needed to do.

But before I came up with the answers I needed, I first had a hard time struggling whether I was doing the right thing (regarding my decision to run a blog) or not. It even had me thinking to give it up and close it down. But something really was stirring up my heart. I felt that I didn’t undergo all these trouble for nothing. So I meditated and prayed with a question –

“Why do I have to continue blogging?”

Then, I got an answer – that I needed to share something to the interweb. But then couple of questions came up from that answer.

“What will I share? I only know of anime and manga and my trips.” Will all that be worth sharing for?”

And then an answer – Yes. Just make the most out of it. There enters the changes that I’ve done and will do to my blog. I already changed my tagline into “Making the most out of everything.” I have also updated my blog’s name into ALIGOLO, the shortened version of Alice Goes Yolo as it is easier to say and I like how it sounds.

I will still be posting about anime and manga series that I have watched and read. The difference is I will be incorporating them with my spiritual learning. I will try to get lessons from the series that I can relate to the teachings in the Bible. I will share only positive virtues that we can apply to our daily life. This way, people won’t see anime/manga as an obstacle in serving the Lord. But instead a medium to deepen one’s relationship with the Savior. You might be following quite a few blogs with the same style, and yeah I actually asked one of them if I can borrow their style, thankfully I got an approval.

As for writing reviews, insights or impressions, I don’t know if I can make extensive or comprehensive ones but I sure will be writing about the plot, the level of fun and the lessons I get from the series. Also I don’t want to watch an anime or read manga for reviews sake. Although from to time to time I might give comments like weird, boring, or possible suggestions on husbandos’ roles/personalities,  and whatnot. And my adventure posts will still be here. I will still be writing about how fun it is to live your life to the fullest, but of course in a right way. After all, we only live once!

There still might be more changes as I come up with hopefully better ideas, so stay tuned for updates! With prayer and help from friends, the demotivated me has turned into an inspired and fired up one. I am more than willing to accept your suggestions, reactions or comments. So I hope you still stick with me here.

P.S. I welcome myself back!


27 thoughts on “Inspired By My Own Demotivation

  1. Nothing ever wrong with taking breaks, I will always take a break if I need to get any youtube or other stuff done, lately Ive gotten myself into doing too many things and now it’s like oops >.< lol I work through the cracks at the moment. I'm glad you found your purpose again and know what you wish to do to continue moving forward 🙂

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    1. Only now I understand what the a true break is. Before this, I was hesitant thinking that I might forever lose the love for doing things if I took a break. I’ve been proved wrong many times now. lol. And thank you Lita-chan! I


  2. Welcome back, we missed you! It’ okay to take breaks, there is no shame to that. As long you have a peace of mind, everything should be okay. I like your title, it is pretty creative, ALIGOLO. I also like your idea about incorporating with Bible and manga. It should be interesting 🙂
    Once again, welcome back! ^^

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      1. Your welcome Rose! Whatever you plan to do in your blog, I hope you find satisfaction. Don’t worry about blogging just because of us. Do it for yourself and what makes you comfortable.


      2. Glad you were to relax Rose. I may not be the best help but if you need help, you can ask me or anyone if you need it. It is awesome to have you back. It is not the same without you. 🙂

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      3. But of course. I have already asked for your help once Matt, I will with no doubt do it again. 🙂

        And that’s just so nice of you. Thank you! I’ll be sure not to quit. Afterall, being here is fun – especially the interactions we all have. Again, thank you!

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      4. I am glad to be an assist :). It is fun to chat here especially when you get the happy feeling of talking to friends. Anytime you feel like starting a conversation with me, just say the word. 🙂

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      5. Yes true enough. This community has always been so lively. This is just one of the many things thats making me stay. 😊 And I will, thanks Matt!

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      6. Yeah the community is really nice. It really does make you want to want stay haha. They are like family here 😀. You’re welcome Rose. You are one of the best bloggers I know 😁.

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  3. Rose I’m so glad that you are back! Now I’m starting to understand the reasons behind some of the things that you asked me on Goggle Hangout. Breaks are always good; I need them all the time! Keep God at the center of your writing, and have purpose behind your time away.

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  4. I take far too many breaks, but each one is necessary to keep my level heading. Don’t worry about a thing! We are all kind, supportive folk here, and we all look forward to what others have to say, regardless on how long it might take! That’s what I’ve learned, and that’s why you have my support.
    Well, that and you’re pretty cool. Welcome back 😀

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    1. Thank you Takuto-kun! And yep gradually I’m getting the real hang of blogging. Thanks to the first break I took. It indeed was necessary to keep my head together. The support and kindness from this community is what actually stopping me from quitting. I know I’ll be missing you guys big time if I did that XD

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  5. As many have said, takes breaks as long as you like :). It helps you to think more creatively when you do. Burn outs are the biggest problem in any situation. And besides, the blog runs on your time not the other way round xDD.

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  6. Its funny that I’m reading this just after coming off of my own blogging break XD. I took a break for very similar reasons as well. I’m glad your break helped in a positive way! Keep your head up and your keyboard typing! 😀

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