Where was I for the past two months?


I am really sorry for going MIA. Things just came up and I had so little time typing my thoughts. I know the things (or excuses) that I’m about to tell you will not be valid enough. Nonetheless, let me tell you a story. A story of how I turned into a K-pop culture fan, or more appropriately, a K-pop stalker.

Once upon a time, I wasn’t really into the Korean culture. Don’t misunderstand, I like it. I just wasn’t so into it. I was so focused into anime and manga and books that I didn’t get to appreciate Korean media. We had these Korean dramas being aired everyday in our local TV networks that’re Tagalog-dubbed and we still have them even up to now. Although I could watch a few scenes (not episodes, yes) every other day, I honestly didn’t get to enjoy them maybe because of the quality of the dubbing that didn’t just fit my liking. I know the voice actors worked hard just to get the production done. I know they had put lots of effort into getting the right timing, the effects, and etc. Trust me, I know. It’s just that sometimes, things seemed off so I didn’t need to battle with myself whether to finish watching them or not. Another factor maybe was the my timetable. They’re usually aired before the school bell rang, or after the TV time in the house was over. Although I have to admit that If I see one handsome main lead or even second lead in any of those dubbed dramas, my stalker and fangirl sides get the chance to overpower my logic and reasoning. Not always, but most of the time. I’m a woman, after all.

There was this one time that Lee Min Ho boomed so loud that his popularity reached my sacred cave. So I had to get out and see how attractive he was that even my younger sisters (hello kids) were squealing in front of the TV. Not to exaggerate but he was so handsome to my eyes that time. He’s the first to catch my not so attentive attention – so stalking and fangirling mode on. You can guess which two of his series I binge watched for more or less a day and a half. Yep. Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter. I sacrificed my precious sleep for the sake of seeing him get lovey-dovey with the female leads I badly wanted to get rid of at that time. Haha. But, it stopped right there. I didn’t take a step further than that. I went back to my comfortable anime-manga-book zone.


Until I was out of anime and had to ask my guy bestfriend of anything to watch. He gave me quite a few anime series that almost ate up my drive along with this one Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun. Yes – that one Korean drama. If you know what I mean, good. But if you don’t, I will, with honor, give you the benefit of the doubt in another post, perhaps.


To make the very long story short, I came to meet for the first time Song Joong Ki, the main male lead for DotS, whom I didn’t even know existing. I stalked him, watched most of his movies and series (old and new) and stalked other Korean actors and actresses through him, watched their movies and series, then started viewing and following Korean boy and girlbands in YouTube and stalked South Korea as a whole. Nah, just exaggerating on the last part, but ladies and gents forgive me, for the whole two months I had just been ditching you all because this Korean-stalking stuff had come loose and became quite my daily routine.


I lost my battle to time management. I neglected my blog duties. Messed up my body clock. Worst, I skipped my daily devotional (praying and reading the Bible). 

Somebody has knocked some senses into me and now I’m back. So I should be up to posting soon.

(There were also major changes at work that I had to deal with so they added up to my  defeat with time management, hence the lack of  blog updates.)

What I am up to now?

I am still watching Kdramas. I can’t just let it go, just like I can’t let go of anime and manga and books. But I watch them an episode a day. (Or two, tbh) I haven’t gone back to anime watching yet since I don’t have my other drive where I put all my anime files in. Once I get it back, I will do the same. An episode or two a day. No binge watching for the time being. I need to recover from my loss with time, and sleep. Also, a book a week. I just finished one for this week. Most importantly, I’m strictly doing my personal devotional time. It helps me lot in calming down. And I need it, personally.

 What to expect?

Getting a well-managed time table is really hard for me. I work at night, so I am mostly sleepy at day. But as much as I can, I try not to pressure myself. I do things one at a time. I have come up with a blogging schedule already, you will be seeing the pattern soon as I start posting stuffs. And maybe, just maybe, I will dump most of my activity logs here. So you might see rants and rambling posts about the anime, movie, Kdrama and Jdrama I watch and books I read and the adventures I’ve been, all in all.

We’ve been to Bohol just before summer ended here, so I might be posting our travel soon.

I have so many things in my head now. But I don’t have plan on rushing things. So I hope you guys bear with me.

It’s actually embarrassing to go MIA right after I came back from my hiatus, but whatever. I’m back. Besides, I don’t have the guts to completely leave the community. It’s hard to keep distance from the things you love, no?

See you around guys.

P.S. I’ve learned quite a few Korean words already. And now, I feel like wanting to go on a trip to Japan and Korea – adding one to my bucketlist.


8 thoughts on “Where was I for the past two months?

  1. This was an interesting back story. I see that you really like this main male character in Kdramas. I am glad to hear that you are back and everything is going okay. I will keep you in prayers. Things wasn’t the same without you Rose. We love you and always will. God Bless You! 🙂 ❤

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      1. You’re welcome Rose. Along with your Tweets, I miss visiting your blog and I encourage you to write about your passion on anime and about God. You are an excellent writer. I will be praying for you on your guidance. 🙂


  2. First off, you win an award for making my audibly gasp with your awesome 2NE1 featured image. Those are my Queens, and I’m sad to see our Minzy maknae leave the group. YG better step it up with their comeback…

    As an avid KPOP and Kdramam fan myself, I know how the obsession goes, and TRUST ME: you were not the only girl who freaked out over Song Joong Ki.He’s so popular among women in China that the government even issued statements saying that watching kdrama was “dangerous”, and warned people about him. XD

    I’m glad to have you back in the blogosphere, and I appreciate you being open to discuss your reasons for staying away so long, whether you wanted to or not. I myself have had to force myself more than once (or twice…or three times…) to stop watching kdrama and actually participate in the anime fandom I claim to be a part of, so don’t feel like you’re the only one. Korean and Japanese culture can be quite addicting, especially when you get into the music and the media. In fact, my love of Korean culture is what led me to start doing my daily Kpop posts (shameless plug). There are precious few Christians out there who blog about Korean drama, so I’d love to see what you plan to do in the future. 🙂

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    1. Also, for nerd cred: on your image from left to right it’s Bom, CL, Dara, and Minzy. And they’re wearing what they wore during their debut* song with BIGBANG, “Lollipop”. XD

      *(Well, technically their debut song was “Fire”, but their first appearance was in “Lollipop”.)

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      1. Informative! I actually just randomnly grabbed the photo from Google. XD I feel no regrets then because it caught your eyes 😀 I only know Dara from the photo haha. Altho I am aware theyre the 2ne1 your queens. Yay! Excuse the novice Kpop stalker. XD


    2. *waves to the crowd* *accepts award* *waves again to the crowd*

      Haha. Thanks Sam! It’s a relief to hear I’m not alone. Tbh I hesitated back there if I should share this or not, but I’m glad I did. And trust me, I keep nodding and grinning while reading your comment. I thought of hating Song Joong Ki, but I just cant. I wanted to hate him for dragging me ibto S.Korea and its culture. XD But enough of the exaggeration because it’s actually not his fault (not at all, nope) I am actually thankful to have been dragged this way. It actually made me realize lots of things. You see I get to learn something everytime I take a break. Although one of them was quite an abrupt one XD

      And I am excited to know as well as to how I will handle my love for these Kpop, Jpop cultures and books. I need to meditate on these stuffs like seriously. I dont want to go missing again. 😂 Glad to be welcomed by you Sam!


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