Wolf Children

From A Scale Of 1 To Wolf, How Far Can One’s Love Go?

Love is both vague and specific, depending on the person that carries the emotion. It comes in different forms and  meanings. And we all have carried love within us – romantic love, playful love, deep comradely friendship, self-love, long-standing love, family love or even that love for humanity. But regardless of what type of love we bear, we always try do to things with varying extent just to convey the feelings to the party involved.

In this post, I will talk about how far the love of the characters involved in the anime film Wolf Children (Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki) go.

Minor spoilers ahead. 

This movie is about a college student, Hana,  who falls in love with a man who happens to be a werewolf and is attending the same class as her. Everything that entails in loving someone from a slightly different race is uncovered.

At first, Hana’s attention was only simply caught by this lone wolf who diligently listens to their lecturer and carefully takes notes of almost everything. And as if it’s the most natural thing for her to do, she then offers to assist the stranger in his studies. That attraction is then pursued by our lady protagonist into the next level called liking. May it be intentional or not, she does a good job in stepping up her game. She then shares her book with him in class, goes to the library with him, studies with him and goes home with him. Eventually the feelings have become mutual – from only liking each other to loving each other, deeply at that.

I have mentioned earlier that love comes in different forms. It doesn’t have to be so deep, nor long-lasting, but it can also be that. And let’s admit it.  We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in love at some point. Being interested to someone, then liking him at maximum scale until we get to the point that we can’t let him  go – to the point where we want to always spend time with that person, to the point where every second is a cherished unit of time. And that, we’ve also come to the point where we’re willing to do just almost anything in the name of love!

Hana and the werewolf have developed a strong trust that accompanies the love that they have. There maybe reluctance at first, but they later realize that they could actually confide in each other. So the man then reveals his wolf self to his woman. The bond grows even stronger that they decide to build a family of their own. Through their offsprings Ame and Yuki, their love has grown even bigger and stronger. They would do things that they don’t usually do – like industriously hunting for food, end up drowning in the river and then dying in wolf form. *cries* The tragedy then leaves Hana as a single parent. Can the love she has for her deceased husband transcend into the reality of single parenthood? I know you have doubts, but yes. Because she has not only loved her husband but her hyper werepups as well. Her love goes as far as raising their children alone. Her love goes as far as learning how to raise both wolves and humans. Her love goes as far as leaving the luxury of the city into living in the countryside for the safety of her kids. Then they’re growing, each day without a miss. Yuki and Ame are encountering challenges of their own as they grow alongside with kids of their age from both the neighborhood and the school. And the pressure they feel is of course being brought to home. Being a mother who has already undergone many difficulties, how would Hana manage the complaints of her children? I tell you. She does very well in conveying her affection towards Yuki and Ame while teaching them lessons of the harsh reality. She would handle things all by herself,  but would never forget to smile to assure herself, her kids and everybody else, that everything’s gonna be alright.

Then here comes the day that the pups would need to decide whether to live fully as humans or as wolves. How would each of them  live?  How far do you think can Hana’s love still go? Yes buddy. Her love goes as far as sacrificing her personal choice for her kids and supports their decision all the way. Even though it would hurt her letting her children go the way they want, her love for them surpasses pain! Right. Yuki, who has learned to adapt on things humans do decides to live fully as human while Ame who has developed affection towards the forest and other wild animals, decides to live fully as a wolf. Having decided that, both the children would need to leave their mother. But pained as she may be, she has not remained one. She has become happy and satisfied eventually – knowing that her love would forever be remembered by Yuki and Ame, believing that her love would guide them in every endeavor they’d take and trusting that her love would also cause her children to display the same love to others.

She might have been left alone but in her heart they have always been together. She never once let go of them, not in a million years. She would watch over them as far as her gaze could reach. She would love them as far as her feelings could go.


And there’s this Someone, aside from my Mom whom I know does almost the same things as Hana, who showers the same love. No, Someone who showers an even greater love than that of Hana’s and my Mom’s.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Yes. He is Someone who even sent His only Son to the cross just so we could be cleansed of our shortcomings and be given the grace of eternal life. He is Someone who has loved us even when we were yet sinners, Someone who has continually picked us up from our every fall, Someone who rescues us even though we’ve turned our backs from Him million times, Someone who has forgiven us over and over again, Someone who has loved us all this time even though we have loved Him so little, and Someone who has modeled the most unconditional love of all – that one love that has gone the farthest among all the love we could have and offer, that one love that knows no bound and keeps no record of our wrong, that one love that has gone to extents immeasurable by human logic.

So I say that Hana’s love mirrors exactly the love of the Heavenly Father. Because God Himself believes that His love alone can guide the very heart of His children – that regardless of what we (His children) do, His love will always remain unfathomable. He believes that we can imitate the same love that He’s shown us.

But humans as we are, we have limits on how much love we can give to ourselves and to others. It’s true that we cannot always be Hana-like. Yet note that although it is not a requirement to love so much, as much as we can, we should give love. Of course in a right way. Because we never really know what this emotion alone can do when it’s conveyed in its utmost condition. We might not even realize that we are not being Hana-like anymore, but instead we’re becoming more and more Christ-like as we show genuine love and compassion towards people.

Spread love!

P.S. Wolf Children is highly recommended by yours truly. You should watch it! Also, I will forever wonder what the wolf-man’s name was.



20 thoughts on “From A Scale Of 1 To Wolf, How Far Can One’s Love Go?

  1. This is such a beautiful story!

    But at the same time, so sad! 😦

    I am sorry… but I am rather weak against sad anime. That’s why I never watched Clannad beyond the 5th episode when I found out (from fellow otaku) that it’s going to end badly.

    So I won’t be watching this. But thank you for sharing this beautiful story with me. Maybe tonight, I will have a dream about a lonely mother pinning for her dead husband and faraway children.

    I… admire your courage. I would never knowingly watch a sad anime! 😦 😦 😦


    1. Oh Chief! You are missing 3/4 of your life if you don’t finish Clannad and watch Wolf Children. T-T Although I am never fond of sad anime myself I just love the thrills I get when my heart aches (literally) whenever I watch them. I want to share the pain to you that’s why I’m sharing this. Mwahaha


  2. I saw this movie raw online and since then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It really was touching and Hosada might just be the next Ghibli. I bought the dvd/blu ray combo when it came out, the novelization (only in Japanese), and the manga. I love this to bits and it truly proves that love isn’t a weakness.


    1. Same here! I couldn’t stop thinking about it either after I watched it. Since then I have actually been stalking Hosada’s and Ghibli’s films. So far it’s my favorite. It’s a powerful movie about love!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Howl’s moving castle! Did you know that I was watching it and was interrupted so I didn’t finish it and is only reminded now when you mentioned it? Okay you didn’t know that! Haha. Thank you bud!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great movie from one of the best directors.
    I feel like walking up to Hollywood, grabbing Hollywood by the lapels, then shaking Hollywood really hard while demanding “WHY CAN’T YOU COME UP WITH SOMETHING HALF AS COMPELLING”!

    Liked by 1 person

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