Kigurumi Boueitai

Thoughts on Kigurumi Boueitai!

I happen to have stumbled on this short, on-going (and who knows when it will be completed or if it’ll ever be completed) manga Kigurumi Boueitai. When I read the summary, it caught my attention as it went like this:

Hakka is a normal girl whose life gets turned around when an invader comes from another planet and large stuffed animals have come to protect the world from invasion. She, among others are chosen to be the guardians and team up with these stuffed animals to save the world! One strange thing other than them being stuffed animals, is that when the guardian and stuffed animal kiss – the stuffed animal turns into a handsome man!

[Courtesy of MangaPark ]

Yep. Bishounen alert! I mean no, that was not the reason why I read this, probably? I didn’t really want to read it as it’s still on its 17th chapter. And I know I would die from all the cliff-hangers. Even so, my curiosity was trying to escape  out of me that I could care less about the manga’s length and whatnot. Spoilers ahead. Please continue at your own risk.

So let’s start with the main protagonist, Sasakura Hakka. She’s typical for a 14-year-old teen – rebellious but bubbly, gets embarrassed easily and has a crush on their student council president and sometimes dense. She’s one of the chosen guardians to protect the school (world) from the invaders who make humans their puppets after collecting their hearts.


Among the newly-chosen guardians, she’s got the purest heart that is why she’s in the enemy’s best interest. And so here comes her kigurumi, Ginger, to aid her and bully her.


Ginger is not quite the spoiler but he does care for Hakka enough to make him hit her head with the board he always carries when he’s in his kigurumi form since just like the other kigurumu’s, he can’t talk unless he’s transformed. Yep. Transformed into this~


Oh my gosh I’m not drooling. No. Not! (~˘▾˘)~(~˘▾˘)~(~˘▾˘)~(~˘▾˘)~(~˘▾˘)~(~˘▾˘)~ The author of this manga got the perfect guardian-kigurumi match. Hakka and Ginger suits each other well. Although they are not romantically-related, they have such cute getting-along aura. As you can see, the kigurumi is an adult and the guardian is a kid. Although this might be interpreted as pedophilia, please be advised that they don’t have that kind of relationship. Ginger knows his role but I bet he wants to tease Hakka so much that the teen-guardian blushes from time to time along the entire 17 chapters.

Ginger, in order to transform, needs to force the kiss to Hakka (since as I have mentioned, his guardian is quite rebellious).


Together with  Hakka are two other guardians, Miyamori Nobara (left) and Nasu Satsuki (right) with their respective kigurumi Basilico and Fennel.


Nobara is one of the popular beauties in the academy. Typical for someone famous – smart, witty, pretty and talented. And a certified tsundere. Her kigurumi Basilico always gets a slap whenever they kiss.


ffgf.JPGBasilico is the protective one among these kigurumi’s. He always sees through his guardian’s words and actions. So again, they’re a perfect match. Job well done Hoshino Lily.

The third one is Satsuki. He’s one year younger than the ladies. And yep, he’s a guy. And his kigurumi is a guy. So don’t think of anything because Satsuki and Fennel didn’t as well. They just happen to have no choice and Satsuki doesn’t like wasting his energy on arguments and the like.


Although it came as a shock to him when he first met (and kiss) his kigurumi in its human form. (¬‿¬)


Oh please. This is not some yaoi. They just happen to have no choice, I repeat. That’s just it. Mmm-mmm!

So much with the introduction of the main characters, here comes the president of the student council , Chigaya (I forgot his full name. lol) who seems to know everything that’s happening and appeals to be some manipulator of the truth. You know the evil who sides with the good? Yeah, that’s him. But since the manga is still on-going, I still can’t conclude on things about Chigaya.


He is mysterious as his cosplaying. He wears robes and all, like he’s some prince. Anyways, he’s the one that leads both the above-mentioned guardians and kigurumi’s. He knows who the enemies are, knows who the victims are, but he finds it fun to just observe and never tell a clue to his team. So the guardians must be keen enough as to whose hearts are already stolen and who among their friends (and schoolmates alike) have already become puppets.

The enemies:

The puppets:

From a scale of 1-5, I’m giving this a 5. So far I find it really appealing. I’ve always loved the combination of romance and mystery and action. Although at some point I would guess that every fight scene would be all about recovering the hearts and returning them to their owner if they haven’t become puppets yet. But I’m positive that it will develop nicely (if ever it’s continued) although I’ve been waiting for the next chapter for ages. Nonetheless, I still love it in general.

If you happen to have read this, what do you think? Do you find it cool as I do?

P.S. I know I have committed February for non-shoujo stuffs but just this once let me cheat. >_< Yesterday (PH time) was Valentines anyway. And Kigurumi Bouetai involves hearts and lots of hearts. So Happy Valentine’s Day minna! Jaa~


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