Bungee jumping. Skiing. Cliff Jumping. Paragliding. Skydiving. Banana Boating. A one-year stay in Japan. Wear a yukata and attend Tanabata Festival. Scuba Diving. Archery. Learn keyboard. Swim with the whale sharks. Ride a bullet train. Drive my own motorbike. Watch an NBA match live. Take a picture with Masahiro Higashide and Song Joong Ki oh my drools and Song Hye Kyo and So Ji-sub ❤ Mountain Climbing. Swim at least two laps in an adult pool without floaters. Travel every year (in progress). Meet my WP friends. Gather my 12 disciples. Evangelize in a van/bus. Do at least three pranks. Canyoneering. Ice Skating. Build my own library. Ride at least three extreme rides in an amusement park. Pass the LET. Top the LET. Marry Hatake Kakashi OMG. Meet one Seiyuu. Publish an article in a national paper. Teach in a university. Go on a picnic with baskets and blankets and food. Photobomb a stranger. Wave to strangers. Scary movie marathon. Go-Kart. Zipline.  River tubing. Kayaking. Whitewater rafting. Feed a monkey in a zoo. Go on a road trip with best friends. Take a photo in the middle of a four-lane highway. Wall climbing. Try a giant sea-slide. Sleep on a tree.

You only live once. You need not choose an impossible path. You may live as you like, you may die as you like. – Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sandaime.



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